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Location can be described and used to spatially enable data in a number of different ways. Street address is useful for service delivery; land parcels for revenue raising and investment; coordinates and grids for positioning and monitoring changes in the landscape; various administrative boundaries for law enforcement and service management; statistical geographies for statistics. Using location as a common linking feature, Location Index helps to bring together socio-economic, statistical and environmental data from across a number of government sources as Open Data available via one central location.
The program develops an agreed and consistent way - or ways - to translate and connect different methods of referencing location across government data and benefit users by:

Easier access to data

Current processes of data aggregation from multiple location points and manual processing creates data quality errors, time consuming and not repeatable. The lack of standardisation in numeric identifiers and other metadata hampers the ability to effectively and reliably integrate data for analysis (e.g. spatial and/or statistical).

Existing infrastructure allows some datasets to be linked using one or two of these locations (e.g. street and address datasets) but requires the use a specialised software .Other hindering data integration factors are the use of a range of different identifiers and descriptors (names) to identify the same or similar geographies and locations such as a city centre, an electorate, a local government area, or a catchment.

data access

Location Index will introduce a consistent way to access, analyse and use location data to support reliable and repeatable processes through automation and application of standards. Streamline data access and analysis provides faster and more accurate way to support a range of policy questions.


Through developing new capabilities across Commonwealth agencies, Location Index will provide users with:

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